Organize data into folders

Inapass main windowInapass behaves as your file explorer. Your data are organized into folder, each folder contains sheets with your confidential data.

The main folder contains your encryption key, that allows you to encrypt all the data contained in the folder and its sub-folders



Manage sheets typesSelect sheet type

Each data sheet belongs to a specific sheet type that determines the fields you can enter in the sheet.

Inapass contains standard sheet type (internet site, bank account, password, note, computer account and licence), but you can create your own sheet types using the form editor


Share Data

TravellerBy sharing your Inapass account and your Encryption key, you can share you confidential data with your family, your friends, and your colleagues.

Your encrypted data can off course be synchronized between all these people, but also with your different devices. You can use the same inapass account on many computers, tabletts, mobile phone to access your confidential data everywhere.

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